Assembly Review

‘I left Assembly with the challenge and encouragement from Teun’s bible study in Psalm 27 to stand fearless in our faith, to stand on the firm foundations we have and not to be frightened of the world around. We have to learn to wait on the Lord – and waiting time is not waste time but fill time. We are to teach God’s Word, seek God’s face and wait on him. God who has helped in the past can and will help in the future. Are we prepared to wait for the goodness of the Lord? Think about it, pray about it and act on it!’

Hamish Wishart, Minister, Cornton BC

‘We need to be fearless in prayer for our nation, communities, families and self.  Through the prayers of His people, God has promised to heal this land. To be patient before God and wait for His invite to join Him in His work, done His way, not mine. To think outside of “safe space Sunday” and recognise we can be church in many different ways – home groups, café and chat, care homes – when we let ourselves be fearless, to try something new, because if God is for us, who can stand against us when the harvest is waiting.’

Margaret Coles, Montrose BC and BUS Council Member

‘I’ve been part of the development and production of 18 Assemblies, and this one felt like a good one to me. I was particularly struck by the sense of togetherness in the Union family, the justified positivity about the strategic progress you’re making. There was throughout the event an energy in the room, which may come partly from a younger profile amongst the delegates. I really enjoyed being part of it.’

Mark Craig, BMS World Mission Communications Director

But now, hear this,

The whisper of creation’s command

Rattles through this valley

Breathes life to long abandoned parts

‘Preparing for the Assembly I spent time contemplating the idea of fearlessness in the Lord, and wondering how much of God’s kingdom work we miss or hinder through our own fear. Perhaps because of this, I was ready to hear a rallying call to strike out and my heart was encouraged by the call to the white fields, the valley of dry bones. Teun van der Leer made reference to a Eugene Peterson quote: “Waiting in prayer is the disciplined refusal to act before God acts.”

This is not a passive waiting, but an attentive readiness to go where the Spirit leads, and join what the Father is doing, and this is my prayer as I contemplate how God would lead me, and us, into this next season.’

Fiona Stewart, Foolproof Creative Arts