A place to call home!

For almost 31 years Ellon Baptist Church has been moving around from location to location, using as many as four different buildings per week for our various ministries.  We have a building project on going which is seeing big progress, but we also decided to try and get a community asset transfer of a vacant building on a 5 year lease.  After a lot of work we achieved this in December, taking a building called the Ythan Centre as our first church building for the next 5 years.  We have seen God work in amazing ways as He opened doors for us to get this building.

There is great excitement as we work on the building and get services and ministries (old and new ones already!) going in the building.  There is a real sense that God is doing something new and that He is on the move in the fellowship.  Already there is a sense God is telling us that we are not to turn inward but that living water is to pour from the building into the community as the church scatters into the world around us.  This building now allows us to look afresh at what we can do as a church, to consider how we use our gifts and passions to connect with the community and to work together to see Jesus transform lives and the community around us.  It is an exciting time, more so, because we see God in it.

Ellon Baptist's new space!
church packed for a Sunday service
renovation work was required!