A new term at SBC

It’s hard to convey the atmosphere at the Scottish Baptist College at this time of year. It’s a mix of expectation, anticipation, excitement, and nerves but even this doesn’t fully capture the animation and dynamism of the community as they gather for the start of term. This year has been no different and the new intake of students, combined with the returning students, will make for an exciting year ahead.

We’re grateful this year for a good number of new students (in fact new students outweigh returning students) and most of our first year classes were near or at their limit – and next term’s classes are heading that way too! It’s heartening to know there is a continuing desire for theological education and that SBC has a part to play in this. However, the theological education landscape is fragile so we’re not complacent and we value every prayer, every recommendation, every retweet or Facebook like, every conversation, and all the support we get from churches and individuals – Baptist and beyond. As we strive to serve our students and the wider church to the best of our ability, we ask that you’d continue to support us and pray for our students as they discover and grow into their calling.

As the student body grows it continues to bring an ever-increasing diversity, which enriches our learning community. The breadth of experience and background across all ages is remarkable and brings some fascinating perspectives to class discussion. If you’d like to join in with this community there are a variety of ways to engage with SBC. We are running a series of afternoon seminars this term with guest speakers covering a variety of topics – see our website for more details (www.scottishbaptistcollege.org); you can contact the SBC office if you’d like a speaker to visit your church; or there’s still time to join us for a class next term (there’s Ethics, Practice of Pastoral Care, Creative Preaching, Listening to Scripture and more on offer!)