125 years of the Scottish Baptist College

As we begin this new term we celebrate 125 years of the Scottish Baptist College (SBC). Founded in 1894, we’ve served the church in Scotland through education for the last 125 years. Even just thinking back over the past few years, our students have made a significant and positive impact in many different ways. Recent graduates can be found in France, Cambodia, and Ethiopia amongst others. And we find our graduates are heading up significant organisations across Scotland – Glasgow City Mission, Alpha Scotland, and Tribe. And our students are found in a variety of contexts as they pursue their vocation – in schools, hospitals, the police force and beyond. And, of course, all across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders, churches have our graduates continuing to cultivate their ministerial calling. In these moments, when you step back from the hubbub of everyday life at the College, you begin to realise the significance of the work SBC has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

The context our students live and minister in is ever-changing and the context of higher education moves quickly, bringing with it challenges – financially, pedagogically, and theologically. Rightly so, the College looks very different to what it did 125 years ago, but we continue to ground our students in the unchanging, faithful love of God, whilst equipping them for the challenges and opportunities of the present age. We’re looking forward to this new term as a whole new intake of students comes our way, full of potential and energy to impact Scotland and beyond as they serve God’s kingdom.

In recognition of the past 125 years, we’ve invited Professor David Gushee to give a lecture at the University of the West of Scotland entitled “What is truth and why it matter today more than ever?” Professor Gushee is a Baptist, a recent President of the AAR, and the Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University, (USA) and in this lecture he will be looking at the struggle for truth in public life. He is well-known for his book Kingdom Ethics and we look forward to his reflections on this extremely relevant topic. The event is free and open to all – we sincerely hope you will join us on Thursday October 3rd at 6pm for our 125th Anniversary Lecture (Room D141 McLean Building – more information on our website www.scottishbaptistcollege.org and tickets can reserved through Eventbrite).

As we “kick-off” a new term at SBC, with all it will hold, we’re thankful for the heritage we stand on, the faithfulness of the One we serve, and the hope of the future we’re helping to build.