What is a Gospel Message?

It was great to be in Thurso and Wick this last weekend, sharing in Mark Smith’s induction and meeting with folk from his congregations in Thurso and Scarfskerry, as well as visiting Bill Fergusson and the Wick church on Sunday.

We had good conversation and sharing. Sharing life in Christ, rejoicing in the the Gospel message.

For what is a Gospel message?

For some, a Gospel message involves telling people they are sinners, that Jesus came to die on the Cross to obtain their forgiveness; and that if people simply believe that fact, they will get into heaven. All of these statements, in themselves, so true. But a formula, to be parcelled as the ‘gospel’? Were that the case, then we would have to conclude that there is not a single, gospel message spoken out by Jesus Christ, the Apostle Peter or the Apostle Paul, recorded in the narrative passages of the New Testament!

What I find, in the beauty of the Bible, is a Gospel message that is indeed good news. A message speaking of God’s love for broken, bruised and battered people. God’s passionate resolve to turn sinners into saints. A message of the power of God’s Heaven breaking into this world, here and now. A life for us to enrol in, through and in the life of Jesus.

What I find in the brilliance of the Bible, is an invitation to be baptised into a life that renounces hedonism and self-interest. An upward calling, to give my life into holiness, showing hospitality and service to people, sharing the news and the experience of God’s transforming, healing love with others who desperately need it.

The question is, why doesn’t everyone find the same wonderful calling in the beautiful, brilliant Bible? Perhaps some have stopped reading it.

Jim Purves
Mission & Ministry Advisor