Well, its all happening! Brexit. Council Election. General Election. North Korea. Terrorist attacks. But in the midst of doom and gloom, we can find a healthier focus. Here’s a wee poem that I offer, neither condemning nor criticising. Simply celebrating.

Celebrate the Promises, Purposes, Presence, Participation and Power of God come through Jesus Christ
Celebrate God as heavenly Father, radiating grace and light
Celebrate the living waters of the Spirit, poured out for life

Celebrate the character and and the covenants of God, revealed in the Bible
Celebrate people remade and reshaped in love through renewal and revival
Celebrate lives called into fellowship and discipleship, more than mere survival

Celebrate commitments to  holiness, compassion and forgiveness
Celebrate liberation of the demonised, healing of the wounded
Celebrate justice found and righteousness forged among the discarded

Celebrate men and women, created in the image of God, complementary to one another
Celebrate both singleness and marriage amongst a community of faith, supporting others
Celebrate family life that nurtures and teaches children care and respect for the other

Celebrate peace and joy, the good news that all can find fresh identity and fulfilment in life through repentance and  faith in Jesus Christ