Homelessness Sunday

Homeless Sunday is coming up – 24 January 2016. It is an opportunity for church congregations to listen to what God has to say about homelessness and consider what action we can take. This is summed up in the 2016 theme of connect, challenge and commit. Homelessness has an impact across the country and affects people of all ages – from the ex-serviceman who can’t adjust to civvy life to the kids in families wrecked by domestic violence. We encourage churches to hear these stories – and do more, through reflection and action to challenge homelessness. It has the support of all the main denominations and is celebrated in a wide range of congregations: make yours one of them! Find out more at www.homeless-sunday.uk, and ‘like’ our Facebook page. Worship materials and other resources will be available free online from October 2015.


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