Why INVEST Training Year?

We INVEST in lots of ways in our future? We invest our time, emotions, focus and finance into our education for instance. Or we invest the same into our hobbies, sports, friendships and even our appearance. Before we can drive we invest in learning to drive. The process takes time, but enables us to be able to confidently and competently navigate the roads and motorways enjoying the freedom that being able to drive provides.

But what about our relationship with God? Do we ever invest significant time and energy to work out how we navigate life in the complexity of the 21st century?

The INVEST training year is an opportunity to pause for a year and work out what role faith has within our lives, how are we called to live out our faith authentically and relevantly where ever God calls us whether that is to be a plumber, teacher, doctor, farmer or minister. Whatever sphere of society we are called into in life, we need to find out how we can express our faith there.

If you are aged 18-24 and feel like you’d like to take some time to explore what faith looks like in your life then why not try INVEST.

A note for churches.

INVEST training year is a great way for churches to raise up the next generation of leaders from within your own community. If you are fortunate, enough to have young folk aged 18-24 why not invite them for a coffee and ask them how they may want to grow in faith, leadership and maturity as a disciple.

If you have a desire to develop the next generation then why not contact Ali Laing at the Baptist Union of Scotland to find out more about how Invest might work for your church.


The aim of the INVEST training year is….

  • To see young leaders at the end of the year more in love with Jesus, his church and his mission and trained to continue to grow in this way.
  • To see young leaders who are passionate and trained in mission and evangelism within their generation.
  • To see young leaders trained to lead with Christ like character in whatever sphere of society they are called to.
  • To create a leadership rich pool of young leaders within our union.

There have been three parts to the year.

Trained in service.

Each trainee will serve within his or her local church or within the BUS offices at Speirs Wharf. It is within this context that they learn to develop their leadership skills with plenty of space for reflective practise. Exact roles and hours are worked out with the church. Each young leader has the opportunity to innovate a form of mission that suits their skills, character and personality.

Trained to work with others.

  • The year is designed to help young leaders to connect with other young leaders from across the country.
  • Connect and develop teamwork skills co – creating events and projects with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • To connect with people within your local church at a deeper level.
  • To connect with what God’s mission to the younger generations might look like and how they can play a part in it.

Trained in whole life spiritual growth.

  • There is a taught training curriculum throughout the year. There are a number of retreats, where the young leaders gather with other emerging leaders and develop theologically, spiritually and personally.
  • Training is provided via Training hub (Run by BUS and Central Edinburgh) with three additional training given at Deep Impact, The BUS Assembly and Preparation Training.
  • There are a variety of books and assignments that need completed across the year.


How does the INVEST training year work?

There are three partners in this training year all working towards the young leader getting the most out of the year.

The Trainee

In order for the young person to get the most out of the year, there are some factors that will really help them maximise the experience.

  • Commitment – A wholehearted commitment to serve their church, be present at all training and intentionally nurturing their own walk with God.
  • Teachability –  Be open to learn within the training times, from the experiences (even challenging ones) and from the people who are investing in them.
  • Holiness – for the trainee to realise that this is a year they are being set apart in and to live a lifestyle that is congruent with the holy life God calls us to. (But to do that with humility and honesty)

The Church

The Church is responsible for the spiritual, emotional and practical care of the trainee as they go through the year. This looks like.

  • Drawing up a covenant agreement \ memorandum of understanding for the trainee clearly stating the hours of training, remittance \ accommodation, expectations of being part of the church team etc.
  • Line management structure.
  • Mentor or huddle arranged for the trainee.
  • Pastoral care families (informal invites for dinners, nights out and emotional support.) – Create a sensible roles and responsibilities working schedule for the intern.
  • Give space in your plans for some innovative missional initiative that can be led by the trainee.
  • Financial Support – Paying for training, accommodation and spending money.

The Training Sessions (Central Church Edinburgh and Baptist Union of Scotland)

Central and BUS will provide the training hub sessions, which are located across Scotland, they will also facilitate regional evening hubs for those who are part of the training year.

BUS will provide 5 training environments across the year to invest in the trainees. The BUS will also be able to provide short term mission opportunities, worked out with the trainee’s church if as a local church they aren’t able to provide an option.

BUS Training Components.

  • Intro Training 1 – Expectations and Equipping
  • Leadership Conference during Assembly – Leadership Training
  • Deep Impact – Mission with children and youth.
  • Reflection Training 2 – Review and Short Term Mission.

Training Dates 2019/2020 Key Dates

Weekday Gatherings

Topics Dates
Identity 25-Sep-19
Strengths Finder 9-Oct-19
Prophecy 20-Nov-19
Prayer 11-Dec-19
Apest 8-Jan-20
Spiritual Gifts 19-Feb-20
Community 18-Mar-20
Evangelism 22-April-20
Healing 27-May-20
Justice 10-June-20

Weekend Gatherings

Events Dates
Discipleship & Culture 19-21 Sept 2019
Leadership 8 Nov 2019
Scripture & Apologetics 23-25 Jan 2020
Life to the Full & Breaking New Ground 14-16 May 2020
Celebration Conference 19 June 2020


BUS Training – £1750 – Covers all training events, books and resources.
Church Costs – £ This depends on how you want to do your trainee agreement. If it is a voluntary arrangement then you are responsible for accommodation, spending money and travel costs throughout the year. If you are employing a trainee then you have to work out the contract length and hourly rate of pay.

Application and Interview Process

  • An initial application can be made via the BUS Website.
  • From that point the process is..
  • Full Application Form Sent Out
  • On completion of Application, two reference forms are sent out.
  • Meeting between BUS Next Gen Coordinator and Host Church Link Person.
  • An Interview date is set up with the church or organisation the training year will be located in.
  • On successful interview at the satisfaction of BUS and the church the trainee will be offered a place.


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