Radical disciples are formed in communities of those who are seeking to live under Christ’s rule. We believe that at Assembly we heard a call to become communities of conviction: that is, congregations and individuals radically shaped by God’s Kingdom, communities where our habits, attitudes and practices reveal our values. What does this mean?

Living as a Believers’ Church, a gathering church of truly redeemed people who are seeking to live out the Gospel authentically and attractively. We need to constantly reflect on what it means to be faithful missionary disciples in Scotland today.

Shaking off the individualism and isolationism of our age to practise communal discipleship and communal discernment within our churches.

Inter-church resourcing amongst our churches and prophetic political engagement on behalf of those who are marginalised in our society.

These three emphases intertwine and form one call and purpose for us as the Baptist Union of Scotland. They invite us to be a family of churches, a community of communities, with particular convictions, colour and contributions to offer the wider church. Within this call and purpose is an invitation to re-imagine our life together as we set Christ free among us and live together under His rule. All of this is only possible through a fresh experience of the grace of God in our lives. The rule of Christ is the realm of unbounded love, a love that opens us up to Him, to each other, to our neighbours, and most fundamentally to the resources of the Gospel.

#BUSrooted a hashtag when exploring modern creative practices and principles related to our Baptist way of being like discipleship, baptism, governance and political engagement.