Update from the Baptist Union of Scotland – 17.4.20

Dear Ministers, Secretaries and Treasurers
Every day I am thrilled to hear new stories of how churches are responding to the current crisis. There is real creativity and courage in the way different fellowships are building community, caring for others, serving their neighbourhoods, connecting for worship and prayer, and reaching out with the good news of Jesus the Saviour. When I read that our God is ‘an ever-present help in times of trouble’ (Ps 46) I am realising this is not just a word about the comfort of God but also about the God who helps us to live faithfully through unexpected and uncertain times. The faith, maturity and God-dependence of the leaders in our churches have been outstanding in these days.

Praying Together
It has been good to hear how many churches are setting times to pray together through the week, whether by a digital meeting, agreeing to call each other at a specific time to pray by phone, or simply naming a time when they will all be at prayer in different places.
Our National Prayer Livestream continues to be a major gathering for our network of churches to fulfil our responsibility to press into prayer during these days. Several hundred continue to gather each Sunday at 7.00pm. This week we will focus especially on churches serving local communities, including contributors from Aberdeen, Glasgow and the west coast. I hope you can join us and also promote this among the members of your fellowship. The link is as usual: https://www.facebook.com/scottishbaptist/live/

Last Call for Survey
Thanks to the many people who have responded to our survey of how churches are responding to the current crisis. We are compiling a report on this which I will circulate to you in due course. If anyone has not yet completed the survey, we would be really glad to hear from you. We need a response by Monday if your contribution is to be part of this. The survey link is as follows:

Grants from Peter Vardy Foundation
It has been good to hear that some churches have already received financial support for community-facing projects from the PV Foundation, following my message last week. The application process seems to be very simple. Shirley Berry remains the contact for enquiring about these, on 07817 102867. Every blessing to you as you follow Jesus and lead others in his ways. Martin