How to view our Live Streams

Our National prayer live streams are broadcast to our Facebook page every Sunday night at starting 7 pm. These can be accessed via the link This page and our videos are also available to users without a Facebook account the only advantage of being logged in is the ability to write in the video comments section.

On this page, you have the option to receive notifications when streams go live by clicking the button highlighted below.

When we are live you will also get a preview of the stream as shown below. You may need to click the play button to get the video to start, another thing to note is that you may need to reload the page to get this to display if you have had the page open before the live video started.

To reload you can press F5 on a pc or the reload/refresh button on your browser.

Facebook like all other social networking platforms is experiencing a huge surge in users and content creation right now so you may need to reload the page a couple of times or the video may take longer than normal to load. Unfortunately, this is something out of our control and we are trying our best to make sure the live streams are available.