April 2020 How will God use the Covid-19 lockdown to change our church?

Across society people are repeatedly saying things like:
• ‘Life will never be the same again after the Coronavirus pandemic.’
• ‘If things just return to how they used to be after this we will have missed an opportunity.’
• ‘We must learn the lessons from recent events.’

There are two postures churches can take at this time. The first is to say, ‘It will be so good when everything gets back to normal and we can go back to doing what we have always done.’ The second is to say, ‘God is surely teaching us something through this. This crisis is an opportunity to see things in a new way and to allow God to transform some of our practices.’
The aim of this resource is to help a church leadership team, or possibly a whole congregation, to be attentive to what God’s Spirit is teaching us about being church at this time. But it is more than just that. The aim is then to identify specific changes, innovations, cessations or additions to our way of being church that God is leading