Coronavirus updates and resources for Churches

The New Normal and the New Future

The habits of lockdown have become the new normal: staying home; social distancing if we need to venture out; meeting family and friends on screen rather than face to face; taking special care of people who are shielding. Lockdown culture has generated a renewed community spirit, whether we are clapping the NHS or collecting a [...]

Update for Churches 7 May 2020

Dear Ministers, Secretaries and Treasurers As lockdown continues, the Lord has been speaking to me about hope. I’m hoping that things will get better – for our society, for everyone suffering from Covid-19, for all whose home, work, income or state of mind is adversely affected by this. I’m hoping for all the freedom that […]

April 2020 How will God use the Covid-19 lockdown to change our church?

Introduction Across society people are repeatedly saying things like: • ‘Life will never be the same again after the Coronavirus pandemic.’ • ‘If things just return to how they used to be after this we will have missed an opportunity.’ • ‘We must learn the lessons from recent events.’ There are two postures churches can [...]

Update from the Baptist Union of Scotland – 23.4.20

Dear Ministers, Secretaries and Treasurers …we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. (Romans 5:3-4) When the current disruption began I spoke to some people who were clearly excited by the sudden change in church life, by the challenge of leading through a crisis and by the opportunity for extraordinary creative thinking. […]

Update from the Baptist Union of Scotland – 17.4.20

Dear Ministers, Secretaries and Treasurers Every day I am thrilled to hear new stories of how churches are responding to the current crisis. There is real creativity and courage in the way different fellowships are building community, caring for others, serving their neighbourhoods, connecting for worship and prayer, and reaching out with the good news […]

How to view our Live Streams

Our National prayer live streams are broadcast to our Facebook page every Sunday night at starting 7 pm. These can be accessed via the link This page and our videos are also available to users without a Facebook account the only advantage of being logged in is the ability to write in the video […]

Update 8 April 2020

It was strange when we had to make the decision to stop meeting together as churches. Even stranger will be Easter in isolation. Gathering for communion on Thursday evening or Good Friday and then celebrating Resurrection Morning together are anchor points in our life as congregations. It will be a joy for most of us [...]

Update 31 March 2020

Dear Churches This latest update comes with continuing prayers from myself and all the national BUS staff for all our churches and communities throughout the country at this time. God is making us a force for good at this time, as we step up to servanthood, incline to innovation and press into prayer. Much is [...]

A message from Jason Leitch

National Clinical Director for the Scottish Government and member of Airdrie BC

Step up to servanthood