Stories of Transformation

We have started a new series in Connect to highlight stories of transformation in the lives of people from within our churches who have come to a saving faith in Jesus and have publically acknowledged this through baptism.

This month, Daniel Guyan from Perth Baptist Church has given us permission to share his story of coming to faith and being baptised.

“My life was filled with drugs, alcohol, anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies. I found it hard fitting in with the people around me and felt like I was missing something, having an emptiness inside. The day I tried to take my life was the day our Lord spoke to me, I heard this voice inside saying things would change and become better.

Since I’ve received salvation through faith in Christ, my journey has been a graceful walk helped by our community Pastor Gordy with study of the Bible and an understanding of what it means to be baptised. I can’t express the words of feelings for my baptism except, beautiful! I am now finding my place in this world with Jesus in my heart and soul, no longer am I weighed down by anxiety and depression with feelings of taking my own life – the complete opposite in-fact – those poisons of the mind have gone, replaced with a calmness of the mind and wanting to learn more about our God.

Learning to let Him take the driver’s seat of my life to where he desires me to be and learn, while still handing out wonderful little miracles here and there throughout tough times. I am now not just learning more about our Lord but learning more about myself as well, filled with a new love for life and still continuing my bible studies with Gordy. God didn’t just bring this saint of a man into my life, He’s pointed me to Christ who has given me new hope and faith.”