Invest Trainee – Sam Donaghey

Our Invest Trainees have been with us for a few months now, so we caught up with Sam Donaghey to find out more about what he has been doing and how he is finding the training year.

Since September 2019 I have been working with Ali Laing, with the official title of Young Leader Development Assistant (YLDA for short; which, said aloud, sounds like a lightbulb); this is as part of the Invest Trainee year that BUS facilitates. There are three elements to my year working with Ali: dreaming and scheming about how we can resource and raise up passionate young disciples of Jesus within our local churches that lead within their current context, and into the future; creating those resources or indeed running a gathering or event that will inspire and equip young people and students to follow Jesus; and, being a part of the leadership of Training Hub and participating in the course itself.

Since September I’ve been thinking about what a podcast that speaks specifically into a Scottish context about the issues that young Christians are facing could be. That has been one of the main projects that I have been researching and preparing, and we are hopefully going to be launching that in late March/early April.

Earlier in the article I mentioned Training Hub, and some of you reading this article might not be familiar with what that is: essentially, it is a year-long course that allows space to discover and explore more deeply who God is, who we are in the light of that, and what we might be called by Him to do. This year is a combination of: residential weekends; day-long conferences; monthly gatherings in smaller, regional groups; and, assignments that help us reflect what God might be saying to us through our learning on Training Hub.

One of the main learning points for me is that I am actually at a more advanced stage of maturity in many areas than I thought I was, and I type those words without any sense of arrogance, but rather a realisation that God has built up in me a maturity of which I need to recognise and exercise. Before, I had been deferring to others to help find solutions to issues, or still feeling as if my maturity level in every area of my life is that of 16 year old. Now, I am starting to recognise the maturing that God has done (and is definitely continuing to do) and how that shapes my life just now.