The King’s Barn: Good News on the south side of Peebles

Vicky’s Tearoom is a monthly event run by Peebles Baptist Church for older, isolated people in the community, often with long term conditions like dementia. Vicky’s is now 10 years old, and is just one way that PBC has tried to show Christ’s love in practical, hospitable ways, despite not having a church home to be hospitable in! Vicky’s is a proper, “old-fashioned” afternoon tea followed by some gentle activities, often including singing. As well as giving the guests a good time, the event has a clear impact on families, volunteers, and health workers, who have often stated that there’s something tangibly different about Vicky’s compared to other events in the community. Of course, we know that the difference is Jesus!

Running the tearoom (and the other missional, community-based events that PBC organises) is possible without a church building, but there’s no doubt that it’s much harder and more limited than it might be. This is just one reason why we’re so looking forward to having our new dedicated church and community facility, the King’s Barn, which will be built specifically on dementia-friendly principles.

The foundations for the King’s Barn have now been laid, but there’s lots more to be done. The total budget of just under £1m may be modest compared to some church building projects, but for a small, low income congregation it’s been a massive faith challenge! We’ve seen some exciting developments, and God has sent some amazing people to help, but there’s no doubt that at times it’s been punishing. We’ve been humbled and awed by gifts from other (often small) churches, and we’re confident that in God’s time the building will be complete.

We’d love you to watch our latest video about the project – you can see it here: