Innovating hospitality

Hospitality. It easy trips off the tongue as a good idea but it can be tricky. Hospitality and house seem to go together. Houses are our homes. The burrows where we retreat, to recover and recharge. The idea of having folk coming in can, honestly, seem threatening.

But hospitality is about time. A time set apart to give someone else our attention and care. To listen as well as to talk. Not rushed. Not a task to be hurried. Investing our time and attention in another’s life. Showing to them that they matter.

And hospitality is about space. Where distractions are laid aside and what matters is that person. The guest. Placed at the centre of your space, not just hanging on at the edge.

Giving people some of our time. Giving people some of our space. Showing to them that they matter to us. That they matter to God. It’s really important. So what can we do? Doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal. A coffee or a cup of tea and a biscuit in a café would do. Time and space for another person who doesn’t feel valued. Or lonely. Or troubled.

It’s something we can all do. When we see how it matters. Innovative hospitality. Let’s find ways of giving some time and space for people. Jesus did. He still wants to, through you.

Jim Purves

Mission & Ministry Advisor