Hospitality as Mission

“As a way of life, an act of love, an expression of faith, our hospitality reflects and anticipates God’s welcome.”

Christine Pohl’s words point us toward the wonder of the ancient practice of Christian hospitality.  In a time when our culture is ever more complex, our communities divided and often deaf to the good news of the gospel, might a recovery of the practice of hospitality be a missional imperative for the church in the Scotland in the 21st century?

The Mission Initiative Group would like to invite you to join us for a day considering the possibilities and potential of hospitality as mission. We will have some excellent theological input as well as stories from around our Union of people and churches expressing hospitality in many different ways.

We will also have outside agencies with us to help us connect with bigger opportunities around our nation.

The day will take place on Saturday 29th February at Easterhouse Baptist Church from 10am to 4pm. Lunch will be provided.  All are welcome.