Mission at Christmas

Glenn Innes, our Mission Initiative group chair, gives us some food for thought and ideas for how to share the good news of Jesus with others this Christmas.

Christmas may be the one time of year that the world around us is willing to listen to (a part) of our story.  It is therefore important that we take the opportunities that present themselves.

There are lots of ways that we can engage as churches; carol services (both in our buildings and outside), family events, community meals, reverse advent programmes, family film showings and on and on …

But there are equally as many ways that we can express and tell the message of Christmas as families and individuals.  Some examples that I have seen around our nation over the past few years are; Have a stranger(s) in need join you at your Christmas dinner table, invite all your neighbours in for Christmas drinks, express generosity in giving to someone beyond your regular circle or simply invite your friends and colleagues to your church events, it’s a very simple step but often this is the best time of year to do this.

Let me encourage you, be brave, be kind, be experimental and tell the wonderful story of God becoming human in ways that bring life and light and hope to those around you.

It is also not always, however, about what we do, but about how we are in this busy Christmas season. As David Fitch recently observed, “All around us people live in stress, frenzy, anger, anxiety and despair. When someone appears present and unanxious with a smile, it is a stunning encounter. Such a presence opens space for Jesus in a mad mad world.”

Might we as churches, individuals and families present this sort of invitation to people around us this Christmas season.

Glenn Innes
Mission Initiative Group Chair