God is raising up a younger generation

Sam Donaghey, one of our Invest Trainees, shares his thoughts on a recent Training Hub Leadership Day conference for younger leaders, held at Central Church in Edinburgh.

The sun was shining, but it was a crisp Friday morning in Edinburgh. We were making our way through the cold to Central Church for a day of teaching and equipping in leadership. With my mind numbed by the cold (and preoccupied with finding a decent sandwich shop to provide me with a roll and bacon) I was entering into the day with very little expectations. As we walked through the doors of Central Hall, we didn’t know that it would be more than our bodies that would be warmed.

Karl Martin led the teaching for the day taking us through the heart and character of Jesus-like leadership. We not only received theory from Karl, rather he was giving us the treasures that are stored in his heart, that can only be tested and formed by the pressure of experience and the grace of God. For me, very little of it was ‘new’, but it felt like it was fresh; Karl sharing ‘old’ knowledge in the way only he can, and with the life experience that he has, brought a greater depth to the truth of Jesus. Holy Spirit revealed a greater depth of truth to me through Karl’s authenticity.

As we closed the day we worshipped Jesus. At first, I must say, it felt a bit mechanical; we’ve all been in gatherings where it’s felt more like karaoke than Spirit-led worship. Then, something changed. It was as if we were being lifted by a wave of the Spirit that woke us up to the reality of who we are being led by, and who is empowering us to lead like them. We all sang the lyrics ‘Death is defeated, the King is alive’, and as those words rose like incense to heaven, we went deeper into the revelation of Jesus’ total supremacy that led us into abandonment before Him. In that moment, you could sense any objection to following Jesus into leadership drop to the ground. In that moment, you could feel hope arise with what God could do in us, and through us. In that moment, destinies were formed, and callings picked up.

The most exciting thing of all was that around 75% of the room were under-25; these are all signs that God is raising a younger generation willingly abandoning themselves to lives marked by worshipping the death-defeating leader of all leaders.