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What is it? – Video series aimed at reaching those who have questions relating to life, faith, and meaning. It is an interactive series where everyone is given food and encouraged to engage in conversation.

What is it?- it’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith.

What is it?-  Six interactive sessions for small groups based on The Lord’s Prayer, covering topics such as intercession, dealing with disappointment, learning to listen and spiritual warfare.

What is it? – 8 Session course to help your group to come gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and its workings

What is It? – It’s an easy way to do the hard work of reaching the youth in your community by creating an accessible environment through the Eden bus for 6 weeks, then followed by a Youth Alpha course to help develop the new relationships further in a church setting.

BUS Younger Stories

Leading for life is a series of stories about young leaders from within our union of churches who are developing their influence in different spheres of society.

From politics to the environment. Uni’s to colleges these young leaders are focused on bringing the presence of Jesus to those they work with and the projects they work on.

Jesus said that he had come so that people could have life to the full. These young leaders pray and hope that as they lead they will see abundant life flow into every aspect of their relationships, work and community.

Andrew McCallum- Leading For Life

Andrew McCallum is 19 years old and is currently studying in his 3rd Year of Politics at the University of Strathclyde. He is originally from the town of Ellon, just North of Aberdeen, where he grew up attending Ellon Baptist Church. Since moving to Glasgow in 2016, he has been worshipping at Adelaide Place Baptist [...]

Leading For Life- LessWasteLaura

Laura Young, aka LessWasteLaura, is a 22-year old student currently studying for her masters in Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh joint with the SRUC. Laura has a passion for the care of the environment and has used that passion to start her own Instagram page, influence her church, Newton Mearns Baptist Church (NMBC), to become more eco-friendly and has even created her own week-long resource which her church is about to start using.

Churches Growing Younger!

What if growing younger as a church, didn’t rely on lighting effects, contemporary bands, trendy preachers in skinny jeans, super simple teaching and a young cool city centre venue? Well the great news is that after years of research none of these things are essential! Good News! No matter where you are, what your current [...]

The 10:10 Project

How can we reach the young people of Scotland with the life transforming news of Jesus? On the day that Billy Graham died at the age of 99, I find myself reflecting on our need to see a new generations of evangelists rise up to impact their generation. Perhaps we will get back to stadium [...]


Deep Impact

18-20th January 2019

Powerpoint Scotland

Soul Survivor

Dimond Scotland