TOTC Proverbs

By Lindsay Wilson published by IVP

The Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series will be well-known to many readers having been a standard commentary for over 40 years. Therein however, lies the problem, many of the volumes are now so old that biblical scholarship has long since overtaken them. It is good therefore to see new volumes being commissioned and published, and this is one of them, replacing Derek Kindner’s volume originally published in 1964.

The Book of Proverbs echoes similar literature from the ancient Near East, but grounds true wisdom in a relationship with God. Wilson’s volume benefits from up-to-date scholarship and opens with an extensive introduction that covers the relevant historical, literary, structural, theological, and thematic issues. In addition, Wilson considers what he calls ministry issues, that is to say how Proverbs could, or should be used in pastoral ministry and preaching. As a pastor/preacher I found this section particularly illuminating and helpful.

The commentary on the text of Proverbs is as thorough as any volume in the series, and is generally quite conservative, again that is in keeping with the theological ethos of the series. It is a worthy replacement of a much-loved commentary. I would recommend this volume to any preacher thinking about a series on Proverbs and indeed to anyone who simply would like to gain a deeper understanding of an oft quoted but oft misunderstood book.

Rev N R Graham