Together on God’s Mission

Together on God’s Mission: How Southern Baptists cooperate to fulfil the Great Commission
D. Scott Hildreth
(Nashville: Broadman and Holman 2017) 94pp $14.99 [£11.66]

This short history and advocacy of the cooperative vision for mission at home and overseas in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) aims to convince any unpersuaded churches and their members in its ranks of the continuing validity of this approach for their collective work.

The author in a clear and effective way explains how the SBC changed from being a mission agency supporting work overseas to a Convention of Churches. In three sections he provides a brief history of its work and explains how the churches co-operate on mission work, together with brief theological reflections on the biblical basis of their actions; followed in part three by an appeal to Southern Baptist Churches to give greater support to the co-operative programme. It is easy to read and should be of interest too to Christians of other networks of churches.

Brian Talbot  
Broughty Ferry Baptist Church