The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity

The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity

The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity [Hardcover]. UK price £25. Published 2012

“Excellent & Comprehensive. Well Illustrated & Clear Thinking”

Problems are bound to emerge when science and religion appear to be competing over similar explanatory space, so it is particularly refreshing to encounter the thoughts of people who are able to speak with authority on both disciplines. The Lion Handbook of SCIENCE & CHRISTIANITY brings together a group of very distinguished scientists who are also Christians to review the history of science-faith relations and to examine current scientific advances and theological perspectives.

As to be expected from LION Publications the book is well-written with outstanding and relevant illustrations. A feature of Lion publications is the highlighting of specific topics that are given extended treatment in boxed features.

The very helpful opening sections review scientific method and the nature of religious belief considering different types of knowledge and how these can be understood and applied to both scientific thought and religious belief. The contents then go on to deal with each of the principal scientific disciplines. Surveying the history of relations between science and Christianity from the sixteenth century to the present and also to show how Christian thinkers responded to major scientific discoveries and advances such as ‘Creation and the beginning of the Universe’; ‘Age of the Universe and of the Earth’; ‘Theory of Evolution’, ‘Discovery of DNA’; ‘Origin of Life’;‘Artificial Life’; ‘Ethics and Values’; and ‘Developments and Understanding of the Human Brain’.

There are many more scientific and religious concepts presented and discussed that guide the reader carefully and clearly through these very interesting and helpful areas of Science and Christianity. It also includes discussions on ‘Intelligent Design’ and on ‘Creationism’.

Experts provide in-depth coverage of a very wide range of modern scientific advances including, stem-cell research, the life of the embryo, quantum mechanics, energy-generation, environmental understanding, nanotechnology, designer body parts and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

In actual fact, there has never really been ‘warfare’ between science and Christianity, yet the image persists. The various expert contributors to SCIENCE & CHRISTIANITY provide a combination of sturdy Christian theology with equally sturdy scientific knowledge making this a stellar book for reading straight through or a reliable resource for consulting individual topics”.

Professor R J [Sam] Berry [Editor] has provided an excellent job in integrating some 26 expert contributors to provide a handbook and forum to help readers understand the issues raised where Christianity meets science.

Whatever your position on SCIENCE and CHRISTIANITY, this book will inform [and maybe challenge] you with the real story of the relation of science and Christianity. DO READ………..

Dr Jim Brooks [Queen’s Park Baptist Church, Glasgow]