Knowing Christ By Mark Jones

Published by Banner of Truth

As a book published by the Banner of Truth and written by an acknowledged expert on the Puritans, it will come as no surprise that it presents a biblical vision of Christ from a Reformed / Calvinistic perspective. I know that some readers might be put off by that as it is not their theological tradition, however, this excellent and accessible book is worthy of attention regardless of whether on not you would describe yourself as Reformed.

Essentially the book is a collection of 27 meditations that explore the character and work of Jesus Christ, the goal of the meditations is not so much to provide information about Jesus but to help the reader come to know and love him more.

The chapter content is not sequential and so you can dip in and out of the book in any one of its 27 meditations, each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Christ’s character or work, for example: Christ’s Covenant; Christ’s Divinity; Christ’s faith; Christ’s prayers; Christ’s exaltation etc.  Each meditation is no more than 5 or 6 pages long and would work well if you were looking for a daily devotion with a bit more depth than the average daily readings. Alternatively you could take a chapter a week and meditate and study it each day (there is also a study guide included), preachers may also find it a useful outline for a series of sermons. I warmly commend this title to anyone who desires to know Christ more fully and deeply.

Rev NR Graham