Wordlive (moving to Mobile Optimised Website instead of App)

WordLive has been my morning staple for years now, and I’ve used the mobile App to listen to the Podcasts regularly, as well as using it to read the daily devotional. In reality though, I get the WordLive daily email from Scripture Union for which I make the ‘recommended’ donation for each month, so I actually use the App less and less.

Scripture Union have recognised this, and they are moving from an “App” to a “Mobile Optimised” web page. In essence they are doing what a lot of App builders are doing, and focussing on a good ‘mobile’ experience, simply because it is less work and cost to maintain an App across several platforms (Apple, Android and Windows).

What is the result? Well, it’s actually very good, if you follow the instructions in the link, you can create a home screen shortcut and enjoy the ‘App-like’ experience of a ‘mobile optimised’ web page.

Functionality which is useful includes:

  • You get the NIV daily reading optimised to fit your screen
  • The readings are on the page so you don’t need an additional Bible App to use it
  • There is an in-built Audio version of the daily devotional, great for listening to on the way to work
  • You can ‘subscribe’ to the Podcast using a link to Soundcloud
  • There is the ability to comment and share each section of the devotional
  • The ‘Deeper Bible Study’ section lets you optionally learn more about the days reading


  • You need an internet connection to use WordLive now (although you can get it through email on a daily basis, so you really only lose the Audio, but again you can subscribe through Souncloud and download it for offline listening there) In reality, we all have some form of connection most of the time, so it’s just a matter of planning to use it when you do. (Planning to spend time with God, wouldn’t it be great if we all did that better!)
  • It’s fairly short and can be completed in full (excluding your own reflection and prayer time), in under ten minutes. Which for some days when you are super busy with kids and work and life is better than nothing.

What I have always liked about WordLive is its simplicity and conciseness, it might be short and relatively quick to complete, but at least it gives me chance to make that important connection to God whatever the pace of my life.

Iain Murray
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church