Rooted Bible App

Smart phones are everywhere. They are amazing sources of entertainment, communication and problem solving. They are also amazingly distracting and can erode hours of your day watching funny videos of cats, keeping abreast of sports news and of course helping to find out which person from history we are most similar too in a high scientific 10 question personality test!

However, they have incredible potential to help us in our daily rhythms of prayer, worship, Bible reading and mission as we seek to life out our lives patterned of Jesus example and teachings.

As I look through my phone I have my worship music playlists, teaching podcasts, prayer reminders set, photos of family and friends that I pray for and of course I have my Bible and reading notes. So I thought I’d do a review / reflection of some of the Apps I find helpful.

I’m sure you may have your own favourites, please let us know.

First up is the Rooted App.

How it works?

The Rooted app is more than just a bible reading app it is designed to help develop spiritual rhythms and practises that draw you closer to Jesus. His Word, Spirit, Mission and Body.

Every day you have 4 sections to reflect on – The cave, road, table and fire.

The Cave is where you start your day’s journey, it’s a place to still yourself, give thanks to God, read a passage of Scripture and reflect on its meaning for your life.

The Road is to help you keep connected to God as you live out your day. There’s an alarm to remind you to stop, there’s the Lord’s prayer to give you a model to pray through and there are 3 reminders about the three people you are praying for to encounter Jesus.

The table is my favourite bit, it’s simply a reminder to bring God into your meal time at the end of the day, encouraging you to reflect with your family around what God has been saying to you today, who you have been praying for and asking each other what we can be praying for each other. It’s beautifully simple and great fun. Especially when doing it with a 3 and 5 year old!

The fire is a short section to help pause at the end of the day to reflect on what has been, to pray for things and give thanks for the day that has been.


 What is brilliant?

I basically love the idea behind this app. I love the visual look of the app and really engage with the sections in particular the Table and the Fire. The other thing is that it is written and developed here in Scotland, some of whom are part of some of our Union churches.


What I’d love to see?

As with all apps there are always wee bugs here and there. They’ll get sorted on the journey. My only comment would be that some of the Bible blogs can be a little long. However, it’s really hard to write succinctly. If you are still reading this, then you know what I mean!


Where to get it?

Other Apps worth trying:


Soul Survivor – Bible in one year

This is a great way to read through the Bible. Every day there are little videos to help you understand and reflect on the passage. It’s really well done and if you have been impacted by God at a Soul Survivor event this is a great way to carry on your journey of faith.

You can get it on Apple or Android


Bible in one year – Alpha International

A brilliant app, you can either read the passages and commentaries or you can listen to Hercule Poirot himself (David Suchet) read them too you and also enjoy Nicky and Pippa Gumbel reading their reflections. Great for in the car!

You can get it on Apple or Android


Youversion Bible App – Reading Plans

Perhaps the best known Bible app – Youversion also has an amazing array of Bible reading plans. There are studies on everything. (Some are far better than others.) If you are wanting to reflect on a certain theme or topic you can more often than not find a study that will help you.

You can get it on Apple or Android

Ali Laing

Next Generation Development Coordinator

Baptist Union of Scotland