NIV Bible – Free with ‘in-App’ purchases


One of the most popular Bible Apps online, a simple Bible reading App with a lot more versions available inside than just the NIV albeit that they range in price on an ‘in-App’ purchase from £0.61 to £6.24 and the NIV Study Bible which is excellent costs up to £18.42 but does give a full interactive experience on a smartphone or tablet.

Functionality which is useful includes:

  • Downloads full versions of Bibles for offline use
  • Quick navigation with three clicks to Book, Chapter and Verse
  • Integration with the Tecarta Cloud account (keeps you notes and bookmarks synced across devices)
  • Text to Speech – you can use your TTS voice synthesis (built-in to most smartphones) to read the text to you
  • Note taking – copy text and add notes which are then uploaded to your Tecarta cloud account
  • Bookmarks integrated into Tecarta Cloud and can be shared across platforms or printed out
  • Zondervan Study Bible integration is excellent for cross-referencing and study – works really well on tablets
  • Search for any phrase or text


  • Tecarta Cloud is a mobile only application and can’t be accessed from a desktop
  • The in-App purchases are pricey
  • Devotionals and Commentaries are limited in number

This is probably my ‘go to’ bible App when I am in Church because of the simple navigation, clean look and ease of annotation and bookmarking. I change my devices often, and have both smartphone and tablet, so the sync feature means I just have to sign back in and all my notes and bookmarks follow me.

The Zondervan Study Bible was a bit expensive, but given that the paper version is about three times the price at least, and significantly bigger to carry around, I love it. It is a fully referenced Study Bible and I find it invaluable when I need to cross-reference or just understand some context.

I give the NIV Bible an 8/10 because of the cost of some of add-ins such as other versions and devotionals, albeit there is a decent choice of material available.

Iain Murray
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church