Elevation Church – Completely Free

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You will almost certainly heard of the Elevation Church, one of the Top 100 fastest growing churches in the States, with now over 15,000 attending 13 different locations. So it is not a surprise that they have the resources and the wherewithal to build an App.

I include my review of this App just to highlight the importance of reaching a ‘mobile’ audience for churches. I run the website and social media for my Church,  East Mains Baptist Church and several others, and it is vital we have a way to reach the millennials.

The Elevation Church App is the actually not the pinnacle of Church Apps, and while we’d love to have an App ourselves, we rely on our website to be mobile optimised in order to satisfy the needs of our mobile savvy members.

Functionality which is useful in the Elevation Church App includes:

  • The Sermon Archive is both Audio and Video! (you need to get past the adverts first!)
  • It links to the Elevation Network TV (runs 24/7)
  • It has excellent ‘getting to us’ information on the App
  • You can download the Audio and Video content to the device


  • Its disappointingly light on anything other than the sermons
  • I’m not a fan of the ‘free offer’ for your email address
  • I’m alright with the ‘Give Online’ but I don’t see an explanation of what it’s for?
  • It’s very Americanised (just saying)

I don’t use this App, I probably refer to it to remind myself about what I don’t like, and I do re-visit our Church website and those who we manage on behalf of, to make sure they are delivering mobile optimised experiences, for example at EMBC we have the following:

Spotify Playlists Optimised for use on mobile devices


Sermon Recording you can listen directly from the mobile web page


Calendar that is mobile optimised and you can add the event directly to your own calendar


Social Media feeds coming from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+


The whole site is of course mobile optimised and can be viewed on any device, and this is not just an imperative now from a practical point of view, Google will not rank your website highly if it is not mobile optimised.

Iain Murray
Principle Digital (website and social media partners for Scottish Baptist College & Union)
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church