Bibleview – Completely Free

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I don’t know how I stumbled across this superb little App, which is actually written and maintained by Riverview Church in Perth, Western Australia. I guess it just proves that faith transcends all boundaries. I do like this App, and their S.O.A.P approach is so simple. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer and whether they intended it or not it ‘washes’ me daily.

Functionality which is useful includes:

  • The simplest tabulated interface of any App I’ve used
  • Great stepped structure to a daily devotional with the SOAP approach
  • The Scripture Section is a good length and all the whole passage is built in
  • The Observation Section is short but to the point
  • The Application too is short and to the point
  • The Prayer Section is an actual Prayer, not a suggested Prayer
  • There is a ‘share’ option on the App


  • Not many, maybe a bit light on the actual ‘devotional’ piece

I would actually consider this an App that young Christians might like, it is very easy to navigate, it has a clean interface, and the message is simple and concise. I like it as a supplementary devotional but I use it intermittently.

Iain Murray
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church