Bible in One Year – Completely Free

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The Bible in One Year App is likely to be quite familiar with those who are on or have just completed an Alpha Course. It is a daily devotional written by Nicky and Pippa Gumble from HTB Church. It is very simple and easy to use, and it is designed to be a complimentary companion for newer Christians to introduce them to daily devotionals.

Functionality which is useful includes:

  • Once connected today’s devotional is downloaded for reading offline
  • The App now has built-in readings so a Bible companion App is not required
  • There are five sections and it explores three passages a day and at least one from each the Old & New Testaments
  • It also introduces readers to Prayer by adding a very short ‘suggested Prayer’ at the end of each section
  • It is ideal to recommend to Alpha attendees or newer Christians because of all of the above


  • It really is a ‘One Year’ devotional for newer Christians as it repeats after 365 days
  • More mature Christians may find it a bit light for their ongoing needs

I did the Alpha Course a number of years ago now on my journey back to my faith, and I found this App to be invaluable in re-introducing me to the necessary routine of daily devotionals and prayer, it helped me keep on track during and after the course. I recommend it as the first stop for new Christians who you want to gently help move forward with their faith journey.

Iain Murray
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church