Bible for Kids – Completely Free


I declare that I have a five year old and nine year old who absolutely love this App. It is a kids Bible that has a very high engagement factor through touch and audio. It also integrates with the YouVersion Cloud just like the Bible App from YouVersion.

There are now 41 fully illustrated passages from The Creation to Revelation, and useful features include:

  • Bright vibrant colourful graphics and illustrations
  • Passgaes are in both Text and Audio, although almost every time my kids slide the text away to reveal all of the pictures
  • Each Passage is around seven pictures, each one fully interactive with things to discover and interactive questions to answer
  • Kids are encouraged to explore and get rewards for doing so, including rewards for completing and reading more passages
  • There is music and sound effects throughout to supplement the audio
  • I’d estimate that kids from about 2 to 10 would love this App, my 9 year old is still very engaged with it


  • I struggle to think of any, it’s really very well done, and it’s free!

This App has been an excellent way to marry technology (every parents battle with their kids seems to have technology at its heart) and the Christian message and study of the Bible. It works beautifully on both smartphones and tablets, and the kids are very keen to play with it, and enjoy the passages as a result.

Iain Murray
Head of Communications
East Mains Baptist Church